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Photography in America 1922
Panama Canal Autochromes 1913
California the Beautiful 1911
Photographing Old England 1910
American Photography 1907
Hunting With Gun & Kodak 1906
Tom Wedgwood, 1st Photog 1903
Photography as Fine Art 1901
Canada With A Kodak 1893
Quarter Century in Photography 1887
Photographic Art 1856
Art of Photography 1854

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Amateur Photography 1911
Modern Photography 1908
The Book of Photography 1907
The Complete Photographer 1906
Camera & Darkroom 1904
Dictionary of Photography 1902
Instruction in Photography 1900
Photography in a Nutshell 1898
Sunlight & Shadow 1897
Army Manual of Photography 1896
Dictionary of Photography 1896
Adventure in Photography 1893
The Studio 1891
Wilson's Photographics 1881
Photographic Manipulation 1858
Manual of Photography Hunt 1854
Photography Hunt & Humphrey 1852
Guide to Photography 1845

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The Camera Man 1916
Lure of the Camera 1914
Camera Craft 1910
Hand Camera Techniques 1901

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The Watkins Manual 1919
Secret of Exposure 1915

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Composition in Photography 1920

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Portrait Photography 1907

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Landscape Photography 1914
Landscape Photography 1921
Landscape Photography 1888

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Nature & The Camera 1902
In Nature's Image 1898
Naturalistic Photography 1890

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How to Paint Photographs 1871
Colouring Photographs 1861

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Practical Color Photography 1922
Photography in Colors 1915
3-Color Photography 1904

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Theory of Development 1922
Photographic Printing 1887
Printing Photos on Paper 1856

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Photographic Developers 1918
Agfa Photo Formulae 1910
Chemistry of Photography 1901
Chemistry of Photography 1892
Photographic Chemistry 1861
Light in Chemical Reactions 1854

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Dry Plate Making 1886
Modern Dry Plates 1881
Collodio-Albumen Process 1866
Dry Collodion Process 1857

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Airplane Photography 1920

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Microscope Photography 1891
Micro-Photography 1883

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  Cinema Quality Camera/Camcorder:
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Professional Digital Camera & 4K Video Camcorder w/ Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount (mounts most other pro lenses w/ adapters)   12-35mm f/2.8 X Series Lens

Top group shops sell digital cameras & camcorders by Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Pentax, Olympus, Leica, Yashica, Fujifilm, Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, and others, plus accessories including film, electronic flash, light kits, tripods, and more.

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films which have been improved with both audio and video noise reduction.

Known globally for great prices on brand name home electronics and appliances, family-owned Abes of Maine was founded in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, in 1979, and moved to Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, in 1986. They carry a full line of digital cameras, as well as 35mm SLRs, camcorders, A/V receivers, televisions, GPS and navigation gear, musical instruments, DJ gear, appliances, and more. Policies (see website for details:) "Abe's Of Maine can ship to any business or residential area as long as a physical address is provided and the order passes all of our security regulations. All packages, regardless of its destination, require signature at delivery time. Delays should be expected with all parcels going to PO Boxes. Shipments going to hotels, or motels, must be prepaid either by wire transfer or with a money order issued by a US bank..." "Only Visa/Mastercard/American Express credit/charge cards or a Wire Transfer can be used for International Orders..." "Returnable Products may be returned within thirty (30) days of your product's shipping date for all photo equipment, digital imaging products, and video. Equipment must be new and factory-fresh [some items have a 7-day return policy]... NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT A RMA #...Please call (800)-992-2379 Ext. 4 to get a return RMA number..."

Calumet Photo sells over 9,000 products from brands like Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Epson, Sony, JVC, SanDisk and many more. From film and the traditional process to digital cameras and printers, they stock everything for the professional and amateur photographers.

The Official Sony Store sells Sony electronics from Sony TVs, home theater and video products to portable audio & home audio products (and accessories) direct from the manufacturer. Their inventory includes Sony digital imaging products, like Cyber-shot & Mavica digital cameras and Micro MV, Mini DV, Digital-8, & Hi-8 Sony camcorders plus Video Walkmans, digital photo printers and accessories. They also sell Sony VAIO notebook and desktop computers, monitors, CD/DVD burners, accessories, and Sony Clie handheld computers. Cameras carries film cameras (including Canon and Minolta SLRs), digital cameras by Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Olympus, Fuji, Sony, and others, and video camcorders, all at very low prices. They also sell binoculars and telescopes, including Celestron Nexstar and Meade ETX. You can use the Amazon search form for camera and photo search, or to search any of their other fine stores.

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Wal-Mart Digital Cameras have the low prices and wide selection you would expect at any Wal-Mart store. They also sell camcorders. And if any item you order from them does not meet your expectations, you have your choice of returning them to any Walmart store, or by mail (some items such as computer hardware and components, heavy or large items that are identified as oversize on their item description pages and perishable products, such as flowers and food, cannot be returned to a store).

  SD & Compact Flash Memory for Digital Cameras

Crucial Memory sells standard DDR (double data rate) RAM memory for most PCs, and top-quality SD, CompactFlash, MMC, and other flash memory for your MP3 player, digital camera handheld PC, or other device. UK shoppers link to Crucial Memory (UK).

  Film Processing, Photo Printing

RitzPix is an online photo printing service that provides camera store quality prints in 1 hour (or, if you prefer, you can have them sent by mail). Other online photo printing services make you wait for your prints to be mailed, while with RitzPix you can place your order from home or office, then pick up your photos at a local store. You can also order prints for family and friends in other parts of the country-- they just stop by a local store and pick them up. RitzPix also offers photo greeting cards and photo gifts, including t-shirts, posters, mousepads, mugs, and more (due to the nature of these items, they are not available in 1 hour).

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Pinnacle Studio Plus $20 off

Kodak EasyShare Gallery

Snapfish 19c prints, 20 FREE, FREE film developing

WalMart photo prints-family 125x125

With nine million members and more than 200 million photos online, Snapfish is the fastest growing online photo service Snapfish has been rated the number one online photo service in surveys from PC Data, and received top quality ratings from Popular Photography and Yahoo! Internet Life.

Snapfish (UK) provides UK customers with excellent quality digital prints onto Kodak photo paper at rock bottom prices, as well as the ability to share photos online and to create custom photo gifts for friends, family and loved ones. Join and get 20 free prints of your photos.

  DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-RW Burning Software

Roxio Easy Media Creator is the leading DVD and CD burning software package. Roxio also makes and sells the PhotoSuite® 7 digital photo editor, VideoWave® 7 video editor, VideoWave movie creator, Easy DVD Copy, and Toast 6 MacOS DVD/CD burner software packages.

  Blank DVD-R/RW & CD-R/RW Media

At Super Media Store you can save up to 70% on blank DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, DVD+Rs, DVD+RWs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, flash memory, and printer ink cartridges. As of December, 2004, Super Media Store is selling blank 8x DVDs for as low as 33˘ each in quantity, and the prices keep dropping. Blank DVD brand names include Ritek, Optodisc, Samsung, Memorex, Verbatim, Radius and ProDisc. They have a 30 day return guarantee for most media, 15 days for most hardware (see website for details). They ship via UPS to the US, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. The do not ship internationally.

Meritline has low prices on blank optical media, including blank DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, as well as blank CD-R and CD-RW discs. They sell cases, sleeves, & labels for your discs, and DVD & CD "burners," as well DVD & CD recording software. They also sell blank Zip & Jaz discs, VHS tapes, and other media, flash memory (USB, MMC, SD, Compact Flash, memory stick, etc.), and other peripherals and accessories.

  Photo Editing, Video Editing, DVD Authoring, DVD & Video Player & DVR Software

The Adobe USA Store offers the finest video editing, photo editing, and other productivity software direct from the publisher, like Premiere, Studio, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat, as well as web publishing titles like Dreamweaver and Flash formerly sold under the Macromedia name. Overseas shoppers should link to the Adobe-Macromedia UK Store, the Adobe France Store, the Adobe Germany Store, or the Adobe Asia Pacific Store.

Long known for quality graphics software, Corel has acquired both Intervideo and Ulead, and now sells the top-rated WinDVD Software DVD Player which allows you to watch DVD movies on your PC, providing a quality picture and sound with additional features only possible on a PC. WinDVD will play (with full menu functions) DVDs from hard drive folders as well as discs. You can easily capture still frames, and GIF animations, too. They also make and sell iVideoToGo for iPod & PSP, DVD Copy, WinDVD Recorder, WinDVD Creator, WinDVD Media Center, Ulead GIFAnimator, Ulead Photo Impact and more software for video capture and editing, digital video recording (DVR), MP3 and MPEG encoding and playing. Of course, they also sell traditional Corel graphics titles such as Corel Painter, Corel Paint Shop Pro (formerly JASC Paint Shop Pro), Corel Draw, and Corel Animation Shop.

Pinnacle Systems sells Pinnacle Studio, a top selling video editing solution, in "HD" (consumer) and "Ultimate" editions.

CyberLink offers complete digital home entertainment software, including PowerDVD DVD player, PowerVCR video recording, and PowerDirector video editing software.

  Binoculars, Telescopes, and Microscopes

Established in 1975, California-based Orion Telescopes & Binoculars sells telescopes, microcopes and binoculars with quality optics for amateur astronomers and scientists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Orion stocks well over 1000 items, including over 60 models of telescopes, over 50 models of binoculars, and compound and digital microscopes. In addition to their own brand, they also offer Celestron telescopes and microscopes. Almost all orders received by noon Pacific Time are shipped out the same day. Many [though not all] orders can be shipped via the US Postal Service to PO Boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

The Discovery Channel Store carries a wide variety of Meade and Celestron telescopes, from beginner's models to powerful 16" reflectors.

Eagle Optics sells binoculars designed for birding, nautical, theatre, sports, hiking, hunting, travel, and kids. They carry all the major brands, including Nikon, Zeiss, Canon, Minolta, Bausch and Lomb, Bushnell, Fujinon, Pentax, and more. They also carry astronomical telescopes, both reflectors and refractors, by Meade, Celestron, Bushnell, and TeleVue. And they sell microscopes from Nikon and Celestron.

The New York Times, July 1, 1889 p. 8:



    Amateur photographers are greatly delighted with the news that in a few days a perfectly transparent gelatine emulsion film, sufficiently flexible to use in a roll holder, will soon be placed on the market by the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company, the pioneers in the film discoveries. For some time, Mr. Reichenbach, the chemist of the company, has been experimenting with different preparations, having celluloid as a basis, trying to obtain a base for the emulsion which would be flexible and transparent and could be made in sheets or rolls of any size. He has succeeded admirably. The new film is as clear as crystal, according to expert examiners, retains the emulsion well, and can be made in rolls of 100 feet in length and from one-quarter of an inch to thirty or more inches in width.
    The celluloid base is four-one thousandths of an inch in thickness, and the gelatine film one-two thousandths of an inch. The celluloid is not affected by the sun in printing nor by the chemicals used in developing. Time will be the test of the keeping qualities of the transparent film. It now certainly looks as if the celluloid films, or films of some other composition, will eventually supersede glass as a support for gelatine emulsions.

    The Rochester Democrat, in commenting upon the films, says: "As a scientific discovery the new transparent support for sensitive gelatine must take first rank. Its applications to astronomical photography, which is just beginning to make great additions to our knowledge of the heavens, will add facilities hitherto undreamed of. Think of depicting a zone of the heavens on a single roll of sensitive gelatine, then rolling it up like the scrolls of ancient libraries for future reference. Such a process would map the heavens to some purpose. One photographic telescope could perhaps cover many degrees in a single night, the fields being in consecutive order and joined accordingly. With such an appliance a few telescopes could complete the work of mapping the heavens in a comparatively short space of time. The celluloid support is sufficiently unyielding to admit of accurate measurements of photographed objects."

    The testing of the new films will give lots of amusement during the Summer months, and the picture takers will have a chance to try them on their Summer vacations. Mr. G.D. Milburn will in a short time give a demonstration of the new celluloid flexible films at the rooms of the Society of Amateur Photographers.

    Charles Stuart Welles will give his lantern slide exhibition of views of the Nile at several watering places this summer.

TIME Magazine, January 18, 1954, p. 84:

BUSINESS ABROAD: Camera Comeback
    Few cameras have greater appeal to shutterbugs around the world than Germany's famed Zeiss Contax. But Zeiss has had its troubles making it. At war's end, it lost its huge plant at Jena, along with 288 of its key designers and scientists, to the Russians; on top of that, its Contax patents expired, and competitors flooded the market with imitations.
    Last week, after nine years of development work, Zeiss brought out a new camera with which it hopes to regain leadership in the high-quality candid-camera market. From its $2,000,000 plant in Stuttgart the first production models of the Contaflex were shipped to the U.S. A precision instrument with watchwork-size screws and springs as delicate as a snail's antenna, the 35-mm. Contaflex weighs only 18 oz., v. 34˝ oz. for the Rolleiflex and 29˝ oz. for the Leica. It combines the simplicity of operation of the Contax with the easy focusing and accurate view finding of a reflex camera. Price of the new camera with f/2.8 lens: $169.

    War & Peace. While Zeiss has long been Germany's biggest cameramaker, and is the second largest in the world,* the camera business is only one part of its optical empire. Founded more than 100 years ago by Instrument-maker Carl Zeiss and Physicist Ernst Abbe, it is controlled by the nonprofit Carl Zeiss Foundation, which taps off the earnings of eleven owned or controlled factories "for the furtherance of the precision-instrument industry and science in general."
    In its time, Zeiss has turned out periscopes for the U-boats of two World Wars, along with gun sights, range finders and other optical aids to destruction. But between the wars, it achieved its greatest name and fame with such peacetime procucts as telescopes, binoculars, microscopes and planetarium equipment. At the top of the combine today-- and responsible for the rebuilding of Zeiss-- are two crusty septuagenarians: Walter Bauersfeld, 72, inventor of the planetarium and a 46-year Zeissman; and Paul Henrichs, 71, who joined the company in 1901 and was longtime boss of its British operations.

    East & West. Zeiss's postwar comeback started from scratch, after the U.S. occupation forces pulled back from Jena and the Russians took over. But the U.S. had managed to salvage something: it sent a fleet of trucks to Jena and moved 124 top Zeissmen into the Western zone. Under the leadership of Henrichs, they rented floor space in a Heidenheim cigar factory, borrowed tools and lathes, hired a secretary and put her to work at a borrowed typewriter. Within a year, more than 145,000 sq. ft. of space was rented in an empty arms factory in nearby Oberkochen. Operating on loans from German banks, plus $2,000,000 in Marshall Plan money, the plant employed 2,800 by 1952. About a third were experienced Zeiss hands who managed to flee East Germany, both repelled by Communist domination and lured by the memory of their past treatment by Zeiss, which was one of the first companies in the world to provide pensions, free medical care, profit sharing, paid vacations and overtime pay.
    Last year the Oberkochen plant, plus the new one at Stuttgart, turned out $24 million worth of lenses, surveying instruments, microscopes and other goods, half of which were sold abroad; the Zeiss Ikon (camera) division at Stuttgart, turning out everything from a $15 box camera to the $300 Contax, was able to declare an 8% dividend.

*Largest: Eastman Kodak.

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